Availabilty (2)

Is there a reimbursement for these products?

This is different per country, check your insurance company. But most countries do not have a reimbursement for OTC and-or self care products. While the DiaClin products are OTC products, it is not likely that they are reimbursed

Where can I buy the products?

DiaClin is for sale at pharmacies and specialists (like pedicurists that treat diabetic feet). Your pharmacist or GP can refer you to the selling points. DiaClin is also available online. Please check our website to see if DiaClin is already available in your country!

General (1)

Does DiaClin cure diabetes?

No, unfortunately there is no cure for Diabetes at this point. DiaClin helps you to live your life as normal as you wish

Products (4)

How is it possible to create a product line that is suited for skin AND for mouth and eye care?

Our basic and main ingredient is the patented 2QR-complex. This is a polysaccharide derived from the Aloe, which effectively neutralizes harmful microbes. 2QR-complex has been tested for its safety and efficacy on skin and mucous tissue. All other ingredients have been selected for their efficacy and safety in the application area.

Are the DiaClin products medication?

No. DiaClin products are self care products, being medical devices (FootFoam – BodyLotion – EyeSpray – MouthSpray) or cosmetics (BodyWash). The active ingredients do not Cure Diabetes. It restores the natural balance of the micro flora, not by killing bacteria (like antibiotics) but by disabling the adherence to the skin-mucous tissue. In this way it supports the natural resistance of the human body.

Are the DiaClin products tested on animals

No. The products are NOT tested on animals. All products have been tested in laboratories, and after that with people and finally on people with Diabetes

What can I do when I have problems with the products (e.g. the FootFoam does not come out of the canister or the lotion is colored)?

Please contact your local distributor (information is on the package) and explain the claim. He will provide solutions for you.

Safety (3)

Is the 2QR-complex safe?

Yes. 2QR-complex is very safe and effective. It has been very well researched (by the university of Amsterdam (VU) which is one of the patent holders) and is after each production tested on it-s quality by an external lab.

Is there a limitation on the use of the products?

No, You can use the products as often as you want, however, do not overuse. The FootFoam and BodyLotion are likely to be used once or twice per day. The Mouthspray and Eye Spray are advised to use 3-5 times per day. The BodyWash can be used any time you need to cleanse. In addition you van always use the products whenever relief is wanted of dryness-itch or irritated tissue. For further information, please check the leaflet of the products.

What happens if the lotion, wash or FootFoam enters a (small) wound?

If one of the products enter a small wound, you could experience some irritation. If any irritation is prolonged, use water to rinse the product out of the wound. Please note that the product, however the ingredients are safe for use on wounds, is not advised to use on wounds

Use (4)

Can I use DiaClin products when I’m not suffering from Diabetes

Yes, the products are also suitable for people who do not suffer from Diabetes, But all ingredients have been especially selected for their efficacy and safety to people with diabetes.

How do I use the DiaClin Products?

See for instructions for use the leaflet of each product. These will be available upon launch in your conuty on this website. You can find them at the product information pages.

Can I use the products more often than once per day

Yes, you can use the DiaClin products any time whenever relief is wanted. Beware: DiaClin products do NOT cure any skin-eye or mouth problems: If complaints are persistent, do not hesitate to contact a physician for checkups.

Do the DiaClin products interfere with medication?

NO, There is no known interaction between medication and the DiaClin products or ingredients. DiaClin products can be safely used next to medication.

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